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Talking About Tree Care Services

4 Potential Hazards of DIY Tree Removal

by Fred Nelson

When removing trees from your yard—especially smaller trees—you may be tempted to simply tackle the task yourself. But there are some complexities of tree removal that could cause some costly and significant issues if they are not considered. Here are a few of the most common potential hazards that DIY homeowners tend to encounter when attempting to remove trees.

1. Hitting Cables and Plumbing Lines

When removing a tree, you often need to remove the stump. This can involve digging the tree out of the ground. But there are many cable, gas, and plumbing lines that go to any house. A professional removal service will have these lines marked thoroughly before they begin. A homeowner, on the other hand, may break one of these cable or plumbing lines during the process. 

2. Having the Trees Re-Grow 

Most trees, when cut down to the stump, will actually begin to grow again. This can be a serious issue. Not only will the root system continue to grow underneath the ground—causing foundation issue and other problems—but the tree itself will eventually grow back. When this happens, you'll have no choice but to try to remove the tree again. The only way to avoid this is to remove the tree entirely from the ground.

3. Having Trees Fall Unexpectedly

By far the most common issue with DIY tree removal is having the tree fall in a location that it wasn't supposed to—such as directly into a fence, roof, or neighbor's house. It's very difficult to control the direction that a tree will fall in. In fact, professional tree removers often use specialized equipment to control the direction the tree falls. 

4. Hurting the Other Trees

Often, a homeowner simply wants to cut down on the amount of trees that are in their yard. But without professional help, removing one tree can potentially hurt the other trees that are around them. Trees often have enmeshed root systems; one tree being pulled out of the ground could easily kill another tree nearby. The manual process of removing the tree could also damage other trees, such as by accidentally cutting another tree's limbs. 

Tree removal by a professional is often fairly affordable, especially if the trees are still fairly young. If you have trees that you want removed, you may want to get a quote from a tree-removal service before attempting to take on the project on your own. 

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