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Talking About Tree Care Services

2 Insects That Can Infest And Damage Your Paper Birch Tree

by Fred Nelson

The paper birch tree is a mid-sized tree with distinctive white bark that easily peels away in sheets like paper. The white bark might be mottled with gray or black spots and the tree flesh under the bark will have a more yellowish or salmon tone. The glossy, jagged leaves turn from a vibrant green to a bright yellow in the fall. The combination of fall foliage and the distinct bark make the paper birch an interesting addition to any yard.

Make sure those leaves and that bark stay healthy looking by monitoring for signs of an insect infestation. Call a tree care service as soon as you notice a problem to minize the potential damage to your paper birch tree.

Birch Leafminer

Adult leafminers look like black flies. The females lay eggs within the younger leaves of the paper birch tree. The eggs hatch into worm-like larvae that feed on the leaves before dropping to the ground to continue growing into adults. Larval feeding will create areas of white or light green discoloration on the leaves that will later become brown. Thick infestations within a leaf can cause enough damage for the leaf to wither and drop from the tree.

The leafminer infestation isn't a threat to your tree's life or long-term health since the damage remains mostly cosmetic. Call a tree care service to prune away the affected, discolored leaves to improve the look of your paper birch tree. If the infestation seems severe, the tree care service can use an insecticide to clear out the pests.  

Bronze Birch Borer

The bronze birch borer is a type of flatheaded borer insect that feeds on the bark of the paper birch tree. The paper birch is one of the more resilient varieties when it comes to bronze borer infestations but an already unhealthy tree can experience more severe problems.

Bronze borers are beetles that are about half an inch long and bronze in color. Larvae are laid within the bark of the birch tree and, when they hatch, start eating through the wood to feed on the tree's nutrients. If the tree is already damaged, the borers will eat through weakened areas for easier access to those nutrients, which will create further damage.

Bronze borers can kill an already ill paper birch tree but an otherwise healthy tree should withstand the feeding damage. A tree care service can use insecticide to treat borers that haven't done significant damage to the tree already. If the tree has become severely damaged, you will need to call a tree removal service, such as Dubois Outdoor Services.