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Talking About Tree Care Services

The Best 3 Trees To Plant Near Your Swimming Pool

by Fred Nelson

If you have a swimming pool outside, one way to really dress it up and make it look great is by planting trees near your swimming pool. You are going to want to make sure that any trees that you plant near your pool can provide you with enough shade for some privacy without shedding into your pool on a frequent basis. Here are three great trees that can provide you with the shade and privacy you need around your pool without creating too much of a mess to clean up.

#1 Juniper Trees

The most common variety of Juniper trees that are sold by nurseries have a conical-pyramid form. These trees tend to grow nice and tall Robusta Green and Sea Green Junipers can grow up to twenty feet tall, although there are many other varieties that only grow about four to six feet tall, so if you are planting the trees to increase the privacy around your pool, make sure that you choose a variety of Junipers that will grow tall enough to provide you with that privacy. Junipers also tend to grow wide, so they can create more of a solid fence. You can actually create a blockade out of Juniper trees if you plant enough close together around the outer edge of your pool.

These trees are really easy to maintain. All you need to do is trim them every once in a while to make sure that they are maintaining the shape that you want. They are evergreen trees and do not create a lot of debris for you to deal with. Once they are planted and established, you shouldn't have to water them; they should be able to sustain on natural rainfall.

#2 Banana Tree

Banana trees are great for providing your pool with a little bit of shade. These trees are great to plant around your pool if you want shade right away around your pool; banana trees are able to reach maturity very quickly, they can reach their full potential within one year. The trunks on these trees grow quite rapidly; at the top of the trunk are big, large leaves that create a nice thick canopy that can provide you with all the shade you need to relax. Your tree will even produce fruit in the summertime.

The leaves on a banana tree are very large and easy to clean up when they fall off during the autumn. Banana trees, such as the Basjoo variety, can thrive in areas where it freezes during the winter.

If you plant a few banana trees right near your pool together, you can get all the shade you need for your pool.

#3 Palm Trees

Palm trees provide many of the same benefits as banana trees. Palm trees do not mature as quickly as banana trees, although they do mature more quickly than most other types of trees. Palm trees have really large leaves that can create the shade you need to make your pool into a more relaxing place. Palm leaves generally do not fall during the summer months; they tend to come off during the fall, and are easy to clean up given how large they are.

If you want a little privacy, plant juniper trees and if you want some shade, plant either palm or banana trees. For more information, talk to a professional like Prates Tree Service.