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Talking About Tree Care Services

2 Important Aspects Of Winter Tree Maintenance

by Fred Nelson

Many homeowners mistakenly assume that when cold weather rolls around they no longer need to worry about performing routine tree maintenance. Unfortunately, this belief often leads to stunted growth, sick trees, and expensive forms of damage. If you would like to learn more about what you should be doing for your trees and why, read on. This article will discuss two important aspects of winter tree maintenance.


Contrary to popular understanding, which assumes that cold weather pruning is more stressful for the tree, winter is actually a great time to prune trees. For one thing, the absence of leaves makes it much easier to identify sick or diseased branches. It also makes it easier to gauge the overall shape of your tree, thus allowing for more strategic aesthetic improvements.

Wintertime pruning is also wise because it assures that the tree will be in a dormant state. This is important because, if the tree is not yet dormant, it will often respond to pruning efforts by putting out areas of new growth. Unlike the tougher mature branches, these young branches are especially vulnerable to frost damage. This often leads to unintended dieback during the following growing season.


While mature trees are capable of withstanding the worst sorts of winter weather without too many adverse affects, the same is not true of saplings and young trees. These can easily succumb to harsh weather, should it go on long enough. To help increase the cold-resistance of younger trees, consider surrounding them with a layer of mulch.

Mulch provides a number of distinct benefits. First of all, as hinted above, it provides a vital degree of insulation against below-freezing weather. It does this by helping to retain heat, thus keeping the ground around your tree at a slightly higher temperature. Likewise, it boosts the nutrient content of that soil, thereby providing the tree with the things it needs to remain healthy.

There are a variety of different mulching substances that can be used successfully. In addition to commercial mulch, which can be found sold in large bags at most home improvement stores, any of the following will prove beneficial as well:

  • pine needles
  • peat moss
  • wood chips
  • finely chopped leaves
  • shredded bark
  • straw

Straw is considered an especially good wintertime mulch, thanks to its naturally hollow nature. The air inside each stalk of straw acts to boost its insulating powers, in much the same way as the air inside of a double glazed window. For more information, contact companies like Troyer Tree Service Inc.