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Talking About Tree Care Services

The Stump Has Been Ground -- Now What?

by Fred Nelson

If you've hired a service to remove a stump and grind it up, now you have to wait for the hole to become a normal part of your yard again. Whether you've had the tree service place the ground chips back in the hole where the stump was, or whether you've filled in the hole with soil yourself, it's going to take some time before the area looks like a tree had never been planted there. You'll have to be aware of some changes and safety issues that will be present as well.

Be Prepared for Settling

You may have smoothed over that new soil so that it is now level with the rest of the yard, but be prepared for the soil to settle. That means that there will be a slight depression in the area eventually. As soil sits around and eventually gets wet from rain or dew, it compacts. Check the area where the stump was and occasionally add some more soil to keep the level at the same height as the rest of the lawn.

It May Be a Few Years

Typically, when you've had a tree removed, you should plan on having only grass in that area for the next few years. The soil will need time to replenish nutrients, and if you've had the ground-up stump chips placed back in the hole, you'll need to allow time for them to completely disintegrate and blend with the soil. If you've added only soil to the hole and truly want to plant something there, give the soil a little time to rest and then have it tested, even though you just added it. You want to be sure you know what is happening nutritionally in that area. Then you can try planting something that will thrive given the current pH and nutrition in the soil, or you can take time to amend the soil to change its qualities. But don't be surprised if it's a few years before you can plant anything else there.

Watch Where You're Going

As the hole gradually disappears, the soil settles, and the wood chips disintegrate, you're going to face a safety issue. Previously it was mentioned that you should fill in any depressions that appear due to settling. However, unless you plan to check daily, you could miss some of the settling. That means that there would be a trip hazard in your yard. If someone walked through the yard and didn't realize there was a small depression, they could stumble. You may want to consider cordoning off the area until the settling has stopped and you no longer need to add soil.

The amount of time it takes for wood chips to disintegrate varies according to how big they were, how hot it was, and so on. Talk to a stump grinding service like T-Rox Stump Grinding about how long they estimate the wood chips they're leaving behind will take to disappear.