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Hi there, my name is Neil. I am excited to share my knowledge about tree service with you all. My land is absolutely covered in fruit trees. Before I started providing the trees with regular care, they did not produce much fruit each year. I worked with a tree service professional to see if we could improve their yields across the board. My tree service professional eliminated pests and improved the health of my trees in a short span of time. The trees started producing fruit in abundance after that point. My site will explore the extreme level of care provided to trees by these dedicated professionals.


Talking About Tree Care Services

Adding A Second Story To Your House? Get Help To Remove Obstructive Trees

by Fred Nelson

When you first bought your home, you may have been satisfied with its size and number of rooms. But, over time, you may have developed additional needs that you cannot satisfy with its qualities. Some homeowners would start looking around at another home to buy, but you may not be interested in doing this as a solution. The house may be located next to a family member's or in an area that you love. If your property does not have enough space to build outward, you may need to go upward. Before starting this kind of project, you will want to get help from a tree service company to remove obstructive trees.

Eliminate Immediate Problems

In a single-story house, you can afford to have tree branches near the property as long as the branches do not have a chance to break off, hit the roof, and damage shingles. To build a second story, a remodeling company will need a considerable amount of space around the house to work successfully. If a tree will require you to constantly cut down branches to prevent them from getting in the way of building, you should solve the issue for good by removing the tree or even transplanting it to another spot in the yard.

Analyze Future Concerns

It is important to think about future concerns when you are building a second story onto your home. Tree roots could end up causing problems to the foundation in the future, and even though this is not directly related to the second story itself, you should remove all trees that could have damaging roots. It is worth looking at the trees on the landscape to figure out whether they will end up growing branches long enough that they can get in the way of the second story and then remove them to keep this from happening.

Find Alternatives

Having to remove a few trees from your landscape can make it look and feel empty. Building a second story takes a lot of time, so this is the perfect opportunity to have professionals find alternatives. For instance, you should be able to plant thin trees with non-invasive roots fairly close to the home. It may take some time for them to grow, but they will eventually be suitable substitutes for the removed trees.

Adding a second story to your home is an enormous project, so it makes perfect sense to hire a tree removal company that can help remove the problematic trees and plan out the growth of new ones.