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Talking About Tree Care Services

Preventing Emerald Ash Borer Infestations: Three Steps To Take

by Fred Nelson

The emerald ash borer is an invasive insect that can have devastating effects on ash trees. Taking preventative measures can help shield your trees from damage and help protect the trees surrounding your property as well. Here are some steps you can take or discuss with your pest control company.

Be Careful With Cut Wood

You may find yourself stacking firewood in your yard for your home's fireplace or fire pit. The firewood can become a nesting ground for the emerald ash borer. If you already have a problem with this type of insect, do not move the wood to another location. This can cause the problem to spread to even more trees. Avoid purchasing firewood from far away, as this can introduce the emerald ash borer to your property. Instead, consider purchasing kiln-dried firewood and store it somewhere secure indoors, such as a shed, instead of next to your home or trees.

Arrange For Preventative Treatments

There are certain chemical treatments your pest control company or arborist can provide to help prevent emerald ash borer infestations. This can be done in the early spring. You may also want to reapply during the summer if there is a serious EAB problem in your area. Without treatment, your trees may be particularly vulnerable, particularly if you live in an area where the insect has been spotted. You can also have the soil treated in your yard as a preventative measure. Be sure to discuss the chemicals being used, as some may have a negative impact on flowers and other plants on your property.

Pay Attention To Quarantines

Areas with dense areas of emerald ash borer infestation may be placed under quarantine, which means that there are certain restrictions put in place to prevent the insect from traveling to ash trees in neighboring areas. By keeping an eye on the quarantined counties, cities, and states, you can get a better idea of the risk to your home's trees. If you live in or close to a quarantine, talk to your pest control expert about inspecting any ash trees on your property. If no emerald ash borers are found, you can consider additional treatments to the soil or trees. In the event that the insects are already living in your trees, an arborist can help determine what can be done to save them. Some trees may have significant damage that would prevent them from thriving after treatment.

Learn more about emerald ash borer treatment from a local tree service.