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Hi there, my name is Neil. I am excited to share my knowledge about tree service with you all. My land is absolutely covered in fruit trees. Before I started providing the trees with regular care, they did not produce much fruit each year. I worked with a tree service professional to see if we could improve their yields across the board. My tree service professional eliminated pests and improved the health of my trees in a short span of time. The trees started producing fruit in abundance after that point. My site will explore the extreme level of care provided to trees by these dedicated professionals.


Talking About Tree Care Services

Do You Still Need To Water Your Garden In The Winter?

by Fred Nelson

If you live in a temperate to mildly cold climate, you may still need to keep your garden properly maintained and watered. Although some plants go dormant during the cold season, many types of vegetables do quite well during the winter. However, the plants require the right type of care and watering to get through the cold weather. Here are some ideas you might use to keep your garden plants well maintained during the cold season.

Know Your Vegetables

Several types of vegetables grow well and thrive during the winter months, including cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables generally include leafy greens, such as kale, collard greens, and cabbage.  Leafy greens tend to do well in temperatures that fall below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, and onions also grow well in winter. If you have any of these vegetables in your garden, you can take steps to keep them nourished during the cold season.

First, go through your garden and mark each type of plant you have. Next, research the best type of nutrients and fertilizer to use for your vegetables. You can find most of the information you need online. Also, cover your soil with mulch or another protective material to keep your vegetables from freezing during unexpected temperature dips. 

Finally, find a good way to keep your plants watered during cold weather.

Consider a Sprinkler System

Plants can become thirsty, especially when the weather warms up. If your vegetables don't get enough moisture, the soil around them can dry out or your plants can wither. The easiest way to water your plants is to install a sprinkler system in your garden.

You can set a sprinkler system to water your plants when the sun warms up the weather. Today's sprinklers come with advanced timers and monitoring systems installed in them. The features may also allow you to water specific areas of your garden instead of all of it. The features can be beneficial if you have vegetables that need watering in the afternoon but not in the morning, 

You also have the option of turning off the watering system during the night, when temperatures might unexpectedly dip. Even the hardiest vegetables can succumb to frost and ice. You can protect all of your vegetables by programming your system to shut down overnight.

For more information about installing a sprinkler system in your vegetable garden, contact a company like Noble Tree Service Inc. today.