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Talking About Tree Care Services

Should You Remove A Tree When Its Roots Damage Your Property?

by Fred Nelson

As trees grow, their roots extend outwards to search for water. Roots also help to anchor trees into the ground. And this is why tree roots can sometimes become a problem for homeowners. Tree roots sometimes buckle pavements, damages fences, invade water pipes, and worse, crack foundations. When this happens, what are your options?

If your tree's roots are damaging your property, then you have three main options from which to choose.

Remove the offending roots

Many homeowners don't wish to sacrifice a mature tree because of marauding roots. One alternative to tree removal is to remove the offending tree's roots. But this is a job that should be carried out by a professional. If you attempt to remove tree roots yourself, you could kill your tree by removing too much root structure.

When a professional removes tree roots, they avoid removing tree roots of over two inches in diameter. And they always ensure that they never remove more than 20% of a tree's above-ground roots. Removing too many roots or large roots could destabilize the tree or diminish its ability to feed itself.

And if a tree's roots are invading your sewer line, you simply need a plumber to fix the broken pipe. That should be enough to end the tree root problem since the tree roots only invaded the pipe because a break in the pipe attracted tree roots to the water.

Install a root barrier

Another alternative to tree removal is the installation of a root barrier. Root barriers are solid barriers that sit in the soil and project slightly above the ground. These barriers will block roots and redirect away from sensitive structures such as a patio, pavement, or foundation.

Root barriers prevent tree roots from damaging structures by physical contact. And root barriers prevent tree roots from drying out the soil under sensitive structures. When tree roots sap the moisture from under your foundation, for instance, they cause the soil to shrink, which can damage the foundation.

Remove the tree

Sometimes tree removal is the only way to ensure that your property will be safe from marauding tree roots. Some tree species, such as the willow and the silver maple have shallow roots that can cause severe damage to surrounding structures. These types of trees don't belong in confined urban landscapes, and you should remove them.

Is your tree damaging your property? Then seek the help of a professional tree removal service. With their help, you can decide how best to deal with a tree whose roots are beginning to cause damage.