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Talking About Tree Care Services

How A Crane Rigging Tree Removal Process Is Performed

by Fred Nelson

Ropes, cranes, and chains are commonly used during crane rigging processes. A tree service may use a crane to aid with safely removing a tree from a residential or commercial piece of property. Rigging is often preferred over other removal processes if a tree poses a threat to a team of tree specialists or the property that a tree is growing on.

When Rigging Is Needed

A tree service team will conduct an assessment to determine the removal process that will be the most favorable. Small trees or ones that are located in a wide-open area can typically be cut down and removed with standard equipment. A bucket rider, a machine operator, and groundsmen may comprise a tree service team that will perform standard removal steps. If a tree is extensively damaged and unstable or if a tree is growing in a confined area, crane rigging may be necessary for the removal process.

A crane that contains rigging equipment can be used to lift and secure a tree trunk and branches. Since these materials can be cumbersome, the size of a crane, the sling, and the specific rigging equipment that is used should be carefully considered by a tree removal specialist. The equipment will need to be large and sturdy enough to execute each stage of the removal process.

How Rigging Is Performed

Various types of cranes may be used for tree removal processes. Some cranes may contain a track base and some may contain a wheelbase. The rigging equipment that will be used to transport a tree will be attached to a crane once the machinery is set up at a job site. The distance of a crane from a tree will need to be planned out. The extension pieces that will be used to hoist tree materials will need to be able to reach each side of a tree.

During an initial inspection, a bucket truck may be used. The person who will be lifted in a bucket will closely view the tree trunk and limbs that are going to be removed. They will determine the cutting method that will be used to break through the trunk and limbs.

Next, a machine operator will lower the bucket truck and the person who performed the visual assessment will likely confer with the other members of the tree removal team. When it is time for the removal process, each team member may use a two-way radio to communicate with the other people on their team.  

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