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Hi there, my name is Neil. I am excited to share my knowledge about tree service with you all. My land is absolutely covered in fruit trees. Before I started providing the trees with regular care, they did not produce much fruit each year. I worked with a tree service professional to see if we could improve their yields across the board. My tree service professional eliminated pests and improved the health of my trees in a short span of time. The trees started producing fruit in abundance after that point. My site will explore the extreme level of care provided to trees by these dedicated professionals.


Talking About Tree Care Services

Should I Grind My Stump Or Remove It?

by Fred Nelson

When you have a stump on your property after you have cut a tree down, you might think that it adds character to your property. However, under some circumstances, having a stump on your property can be inconvenient and you might want to build something else there. To eliminate stumps, you have several options to choose from. 

The Problem with Stumps

After a tree has been cut down, it will not always be dead. The roots can continue to grow and cause damage to your property. They can interfere with your utilities and invade pipes. They can also cause certain types of pests to become more prevalent on your property such as termites and carpenter ants. These pests can eventually invade your home and cause considerable damage. Your stumps can also simply take up too much space.

Stump Removal

One way to deal with stumps is to remove the stump from the ground. This will guarantee that the stump has been removed entirely and the hole will then be filled in. However, the equipment used to remove the stump is heavy and will leave tracks behind. 

Excavation contracting can be very expensive and you may want to hire a stump grinding service instead. However, stump grinding can also be very expensive when the stump is close to a structure and will require extra shielding.

Stump Grinding

Another option for stump removal is to use a stump grinder. This uses a special piece of equipment that is meant to cut the stump into pieces so that they can be removed. The equipment needed to grind a stump is smaller and less heavy than the equipment used to remove the stump from the ground since you must excavate the stump.

If you hire a stump grinding service, you won't even have to bother renting a stump grinder and a professional will come and grind the stump for you. When the stump grinding is handled by a professional, no traces of the stump will be left behind.

How to Decide Which Service to Use

When you have a very large stump, stump grinding is simply the only option. If you try to remove the stump, the cost of doing so will be too high and will also take a long time and cause more damage to your property. However, if you're not sure which option is the best to choose, you should ask a tree service.