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Talking About Tree Care Services

A Look At 2 Popular Options In Playground Mulch For Your Daycare

by Fred Nelson

Choosing playground mulch can be a big decision. Naturally, you want a product that protects your daycare kids from falls and that's nontoxic. Two popular choices are wood chips and rubber crumbs. You could base your decision on appearance since rubber crumbs come in fun colors such as bright blue and green. However, you might prefer wood chips since they are a natural product. Here's a look at how these two types of playground mulch compare.

Both Types Of Mulch Meet Safety Standards

It's important to look for playground mulch specifically whether you're looking for rubber or wood. Playground mulch should be certified as safe to use around kids. There is minimal concern about heavy metals and other toxic materials in rubber mulch made for playgrounds, but general rubber mulch made for landscaping may not be tested for toxins, and it may have metals in it.

As long as you buy mulch made for playgrounds, you'll find both provide good protection for falls. Fall protection is also tested so the mulch can be certified for playgrounds. In addition, both materials meet ADA requirements and are wheelchair accessible. One primary difference between rubber and wood playground mulch is cost. Rubber costs more, but it also lasts longer, so it may be less expensive over time.

Wood Mulch Is The Natural Option

You can buy wood chips or shreds for your playground. The mulch is often made from virgin wood so it doesn't have any chemicals or toxins. Wood gives your playground an attractive and natural appearance, and it also drains water quickly.

A downside to wood mulch is that it deteriorates over time since it's a natural product. You might need to add more mulch every year or two depending on how quickly the mulch wears away. However, since the mulch is shredded into small pieces, it doesn't attract termites or other bugs since pests often prefer larger chunks of wood.

When you buy mulch made for playgrounds, the chips or shreds are free from other types of debris including twigs and rocks that might be present in basic landscaping mulch. The mulch is also made of a specific size and degree of softness to be comfortable for kids to play on.

Rubber Mulch Is A Colorful Choice

You can buy rubber mulch in colors that look like wood mulch, but you can also buy it in fun colors that may appeal to kids. However, the best thing about rubber mulch is how well it protects kids from falls. Like wood chips, rubber crumbles protect kids from high falls as well as trips. The mulch drains rather than holds water so it dries fast and isn't a slip hazard.

The mulch doesn't attract pests, and it lasts a long time. Rubber crumbles could last several years, but you may need to add more crumbles every few years since playground mulch has to be maintained to the right depth whether it is rubber or wood.

For more info, reach out to a company such as Watson's Tree Services-Soil & Mulch.