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Talking About Tree Care Services

Expert Tips On How To Burn A Tree Stump And Clear Your Yard

by Fred Nelson

Not only is a pesky stump an unsightly view, but it is also a perfect breeding ground for fungus and pests. In addition, the stump may be a tripping hazard, posing a risk of injury if anyone comes across it. Therefore, it is vital to employ the services of a certified arborist to burn the stump effectively with caution. Read the tips below to understand how to burn and remove a stump.

Adhere To Safety Precautions

Prior to burning the stump, you should prepare and employ the necessary precautionary measures. This is because burning a stump is a hazardous exercise hence the need to minimize the risk of incidents. First, you should clear the surroundings of flammable material such as dry plant matter because it can easily catch fire, sparking huge flames. Secondly, sprinkle water around the surrounding area and keep some water nearby in case an emergency occurs. Finally, keep people and pets away from the area as burning stumps emit toxic fumes.

Prepare Your Materials

You must assemble and check whether you have the proper tools for the job. Moreover, you should test for the functionality of your equipment to avoid delays in burning the stump. This equipment includes a power drill, garden trowel, funnel, and potassium nitrate. Additionally, you should prepare personal protective equipment such as a pair of gloves, safety goggles, and a fire extinguisher.

Get The Stump Ready

Drill multiple holes around the stump, maintaining a small space between them with a depth of a few inches below the stump. Subsequently, make a circular gap surrounding the stump and fill it with bricks to act as a containment line. After securing the area, use a garden trowel to add potassium nitrate to every hole. Finally, funnel water into the holes for the stump to easily absorb potassium nitrate.

Light The Stump

Form a cone shape over the stump by placing scrap wood on top of each other. You can add dry plant matter and wood to hold it together. Ignite the scrap wood for the stump to catch fire. As the process may take a while depending on the size of the stump, you should kindle the flames to keep burning till the stump completely burns out.

Although burning a stump may take some time to complete, it is a less disruptive exercise. That said, you should hire a stump removal specialist to burn down the stump as an effective way of expelling it from your yard.

Contact a stump removal service for more information.