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Talking About Tree Care Services

The Differences Between Tree Trimming And Tree Pruning

by Fred Nelson

A well-maintained front garden is an attractive sight for visitors and passersby. Therefore, if your yard is full of unkempt trees, it can dampen the aesthetics of your home. Two of the most common tree maintenance practices are tree trimming and pruning. However, many homeowners can barely tell them apart. Here are some distinguishing factors between the two tree care techniques.

Benefits of Tree Trimming Versus Tree Pruning

One of the differences between trimming and pruning trees lies in the benefits. Trimming helps trees thrive. This practice involves removing shoots to encourage healthier growth. Additionally, tree trimming improves your trees' appearance.

On the other hand, tree pruning isn't all about tree maintenance. It involves removing unnecessary branches and roots. Those branches and roots removed during tree pruning are dead and should be cut away from the tree. Also, the branches may be growing in the wrong direction. For example, branches may grow towards electrical wires. In this case, pruning prevents unwanted growth.

The Downside of Tree Trimming Versus Tree Pruning 

Before you engage in DIY tree trimming, you should research adequately. If you cut branches mindlessly, you risk spreading diseases through your trees. Similarly, improper pruning of a tree will leave the branches vulnerable to diseases. This will reduce the lifespan of your trees. Additionally, when removing diseased branches, you should sterilize your tools between each tree to avoid diseases like Fire blight.

Frequency of Tree Trimming Versus Tree Pruning

Many large trees are trimmed after a few years. However, quick-growing species should be trimmed much sooner. For example, the branches of oak or maple trees grow quickly and may have to be trimmed a few times annually.

On the other hand, the pruning of trees is done regularly. Many plant species and bushes should be pruned at least once a year. Other quick-growing species should be pruned after a few months.

Equipment for Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning instruments are also different. Shears are used for tree trimming. However, shears are most commonly used for pruning. Another tree-trimming tool is a gas-powered or electric hedge trimmer.

Tree pruning instruments are hand and lopping shears. Hand shears help remove leaves and buds. Lopping shears are used to cut dense branches. These shears have long foot handles. However, for thick branches, the most effective tool is a saw.

In Closing

Tree trimming and pruning are crucial tree care practices. While they may seem like easy DIY procedures, small mistakes could destroy all your trees. This is the reason you should hire an arborist. The arborist knows which techniques and tools to use to ensure the proper maintenance of your trees.

Contact a tree service to find out more.