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Talking About Tree Care Services

Benefits Of Stump Removal

by Fred Nelson

It's important to have a professional contractor grind and remove a stump after having a tree on your property cut down. This process will eliminate the stump completely so that it won't be in the way or cause aesthetic issues. 

There are numerous benefits to removing stumps entirely, including the following: 

Stop Stumps from Sprouting

When a stump is left behind, over time, it may begin to sprout one or more new trees. This is often not ideal. You may not want trees where you've had a tree removed, and you may not want several smaller trees to grow around the stump itself. A contractor can remove the stump entirely to eliminate the possibility of the stump sprouting. 

Limit Pests and Diseases

Trees that have been removed due to disease or pests should be entirely removed, including the stump. This will ensure that the insects or diseases they carry don't spread to other trees on your property. Work with a professional tree service to ensure that both tree and stump are fully removed and that the area is fully treated to make sure that diseases and pests cannot spread.

Avoid Accidents on the Property

Stumps often stick up just above the smooth surface of the lawn, causing an obstacle that one can trip over or drive over with a motorized vehicle. Removing the stump entirely can help eliminate this possibility in the future, keeping your property safer overall. 

Improve Aesthetics

Stumps are often seen as an eyesore, even though they're a natural part of wooded environments in forested areas. If you are planning to resell your home and are attempting to increase the curb appeal, having any stumps on the property professionally removed may be a good way to do so. 

Regain Usable Space

Stumps in the yard can make it difficult for you to utilize all of the space you own. Having the stumps removed professionally can help you regain flat, clear space in your lawn so that you have plenty of room for gatherings. 

If you've had trees removed from your property, the stumps can block usable space in your yard and cause quite a problem. Eliminating them can help limit the chance of spreading pests and diseases, add extra space to your yard for you to enjoy, and boost the overall curb appeal of your property.

Contact a professional stump removal service in your area to get more information.