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Talking About Tree Care Services

3 Methods For Watering Young Trees During A Heat Wave

by Fred Nelson

Young trees need about a gallon of water for each inch of trunk diameter at each irrigation, and they may need watering as frequently as every few days depending on the age of the tree. Heat waves can be challenging, as water is quickly lost from the soil due to rapid evaporation. Fortunately, there are solutions.

1. Ring Watering System

The ring system is often implemented at the time of planting. The method uses a ring of soil around the trunk of the tree to act as a water reservoir. The ring is put in place after the tree is planted and staked properly. The ring is the simplest, cheapest option for providing the needed water during a heat wave, as well.

First, a soil berm is built in a ring around the young tree. To use the system, the inside of the ring is filled up with water whenever the soil dries out. This allows moisture to slowly seep into the root zone, both keeping the tender young roots cool while providing necessary moisture.

2. Slow-Release Bags

Slow-release watering bags are a simple-to-use, professional solution for providing needed water to young trees once the weather gets hot. The bags are placed around the trunk and secured in place. The size of the bag is chosen to match the age and needs of the specific tree.

Usage is simple. When the bag is empty, simply hook a hose up to the inlet valve and fill it back up. The water will slowly seep out of the bag and directly into the ground. The bag prevents any water loss from evaporation, while also ensuring that the tree is getting all the water it needs no matter how hot it gets outside.

3. Bucket Irrigation Systems

A DIY option that's similar to watering bags uses five-gallon buckets. Holes are drilled in the bottom of the bucket. The bucket is then placed near the trunk of the tree, over the root system, and filled with water.

Placing the lid on the bucket prevents moisture loss from evaporation as the water slowly seeps into the soil through the holes in the bottom. Refill the bucket with the necessary amount of water when needed.

On top of providing extra moisture for young trees during extreme heat waves, mulch applications can also help conserve soil moisture. A tree company can help you properly mulch around the trees and implement a watering system that will keep them healthy until the temperatures cool again.

Reach out to a local tree company, such as KC Tree Service, for more advice.