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Hi there, my name is Neil. I am excited to share my knowledge about tree service with you all. My land is absolutely covered in fruit trees. Before I started providing the trees with regular care, they did not produce much fruit each year. I worked with a tree service professional to see if we could improve their yields across the board. My tree service professional eliminated pests and improved the health of my trees in a short span of time. The trees started producing fruit in abundance after that point. My site will explore the extreme level of care provided to trees by these dedicated professionals.


Talking About Tree Care Services

Why You Should Use Professional Tree Removers

by Fred Nelson

Consider a tree removal company the next time you discover an unwanted tree on your property. DIY tree removal might look appealing, but professional services have more advantages. Below are some reasons you should use the professionals.

Preventing or Minimizing Damage

Negligent tree removal can damage your neighbor's or your property. For example, a tree might fall on your neighbor's lot and damage their house and cars. Your house can also suffer similar damage. The risk of removal damage is especially high with:

  • Large trees
  • Leaning trees
  • Dead trees
  • Trees with lopsided canopies
  • Trees with weak roots
  • Trees growing close to houses or other infrastructure

Professional tree removers know how to remove such trees without damage. For example, professionals may remove a dangerous tree bit by bit. The professionals also know where and how to make cuts to force a tree to fall in a specific direction.

Preventing or Minimizing Injury

Tree removal has several accident risks, especially for amateur tree removers. For example, weak tree branches might fall prematurely and cause you harm. You might also suffer cuts and scrapes from the incorrect use of tree removal tools, such as chainsaws.

Again, the skills, experience, and protective gear that professional removers use prevent or minimize such injury risks. For example, professionals know how to avoid power lines (electrocution risk), use ladders correctly, and wear goggles to prevent eye injuries.

Removing the Right Trees

Property owners remove trees for different reasons. For example, you may remove a tree because it's weak and can fall without warning. You might remove the wrong trees if you don't know how to identify those you can still save. The professionals will help you identify the trees that need urgent removal and help you save the rest.

For example, you don't have to remove a tree just because it's leaning. If the tree is otherwise healthy, you may remove some branches to stabilize it, add more soil to cover the tree's roots, or stake it.

Removing Trees Affordably

DIY tree removal might seem cheap, but it can cost you more than professional removal. Professional tree removal means you don't have to invest in tools and gear like ladders, chainsaws, ropes, and protective gear.

The professionals also help you avoid damage and injuries that would otherwise cost you money. Don't forget that your neighbors might file liability claims against you if your trees damage their property. Professional tree removal also frees up your time to focus on other things.

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